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June 13 2014

April 13 2014

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April 01 2014

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March 13 2014

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February 23 2014

December 21 2013

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November 13 2013

October 25 2013

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*knock knock*
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October 21 2013

Doctor, you don’t get it - you’re always playing yellow car.

October 17 2013

October 14 2013

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September 30 2013

September 29 2013

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The Shortest Horror Story Ever


The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.

-Frederic Brown



Oh hello, I’m the Doctor! Why did you lock yourself in a room? Bit boring, isn’t it?

And the shortest horror story ever just became a comedy.


#How fandoms ruin hipster posts

#I think you mean improve

Mad man without the box - Such an idjit
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September 24 2013

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September 23 2013

wombat wombat wombat.....
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